"Library Stacks"

I finished the top in February of 2017 and just now managed to quilt it. That's sad! But I have much older tops than that - so let's not dwell on that! I'm just glad that it's done now!

It is number 45 in my 2" strips series.

IMG_4914 sm name.jpg
IMG_4812 sm name.png

The idea is very simple - and as such, the quilt is simple.

I made it as one of the quilts for 2017 in my "upcycled" series. I had had a goal to make at least 5 quilts a year from upcycled materials. This is one of them. Normally my 2" series focuses on using up 2" strips - and I don't worry about whether or not the source was another product - but just that I wanted to use up my strips and make something nice from them. This one was both. I did use a duvet cover as the background of this - the light part of the design.

I quilted it in an all over loop design - simple.

IMG_4811 sm name adj.jpg

The backing is all upcycleds as well, naturally.

IMG_5165 sm name.jpg

Here's the quilt roll - a close up of the pattern.

IMG_4596 sm name adj.jpg

The pattern has been on the free patterns page, but I've updated it with new pictures. It's a great way to use up some of your 2" strips that you don't know what to do with!

And that's what's been happening with quilting in my part of the world!

I trust you have a wonderful day wherever you are reading this!

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