I finished it! Yes I did!

IMG_3156 sm name.jpg

And this one could convince me to like strings! Especially bright ones.

I made the top a while ago and have never written up the pattern, but I thought I'd go ahead and do this one for you since I've had several people ask for it.

IMG_3093 sm name.jpg

This is now my fifth or sixth quilt lately (it feels like) that I have quilted with swirls.  I really should be better than I am so far. On the other hand, at least I'm not afraid of them anymore and that's a huge step!  Next I'd like to add a flower to them  like this lady has at this you tube tutorial:



When you see me doing these swirl/feather fillers, you know I have garnered all my courage and gone for broke!  This is what I'm going for! This you tube video was done by Amanda Murphy, I believe. I just tried to link to it here and it showed up! Check it out - it’s my goal to have my FMQ as nice as hers.

IMG_3241 sm name.jpg

When you quilt this densely the quilt gets pretty flat. But here’s the quilt roll.

IMG_3210 sm name.jpg
IMG_3105 sm name.jpg

I've created a page on the website with my Crumbs and Strings project.

You can there any time to see where I am with these. I will try to keep it updated after any major finish.

I may not keep the current strings or crumbs project updated but especially after I feature a quilt on the blog, I will try to get that new picture in its place. I'd like to eventually see a nice series just like the upcycled blues  ones.

If I have a pattern finished for these quilts, you should be able to click the picture and find the pattern. Most of them don’t have patterns, however. At least not yet. I will also put the patterns on the free patterns page - where this one is as well!

Have a great day, wherever you are reading this!

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