Cultural: The School Calendar

This is a repost of a previously published post - with a few changes for this year.

In Poland I really appreciated the fact that the school  year was standard. It was easy. 

School starts on September 1

with a general meeting for all parents and kids where they meet their teachers.  It's not very long and in our case, was held outside on the playground/soccer field. They didn't have a building big enough to house everyone.

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If September 1 falls on a weekend, then the year starts on the first day after September 1 that isn't a weekend.

The school year generally gets out the fourth Friday in June. 

For kids who are graduating or changing schools the next year, they often have their special ceremonies the day before the last day.

Those are the starting and stopping point of the typical public school year. You can plan vacations or big trips around these dates - they aren't going to change them.

I think even private schools pretty much stick to this schedule, but not always.

Because it's now time for schools to start, just as in the USA, stores are filled with back to school stuff. That is kind of fun for some. For others, it's a reminder that their days of freedom are about over!

When school starts again, traffic ramps up and there is a noticeable increase in the number of cars on the road.

Now that all our kids are finished with school - at least elementary and high school, this fact about the school year is only general awareness of what's going on around us - and does not regulate our lives. I really like this stage in our lives!

And that's my tidbit of Polish culture for you today!

Today is September 2 - since the first was on a Sunday this year - they will meet at their schools on the playgrounds or fields or inside a gymnasium if they have enough room in one (usually not!) and have a meeting and the children will find out who their teachers are and their schedules.

After about an hour or so they will all be dismissed to go home and gather all their school materials. Tomorrow they need to come ready with backpack and supplies in hand either excited or dreading it - depending on the kid!

And now you know.

I do believe that this is pretty much how Europe is, though - not just Poland - September 1 being the starting point for elementary/high schools. Universities/colleges have different schedules.

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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