Strings update

This project may be the top that makes a convert out of me.

Just maybe.

I’ve not made any secret of the fact that I’m not close friends with strings, but I really hate throwing away perfectly good fabric - even if it is the form of strings.

That’s why I started this strings/crumbs project.

But I’m trying to limit myself to just the weekends - otherwise, I’m afraid I’d never make it to working on other things I want to get done!

This is what I did this weekend on this latest strings top.

IMG_0640 sm.jpg

I cut more 7” squares of interfacing and white cotton fabric.


IMG_0648 sm.jpg

I made 32 more string blocks.

IMG_0652 sm.jpg

Then I placed the white squares on top of the string blocks like this and sewed on each side of the pressed line - just like last week. You can see here if you are a new reader to this blog!

IMG_0657 sm.jpg

I ended up with 64 more half square triangle blocks and added them to the top by making 4 rows of 16 blocks each. I added two rows to the top as it was last week and two rows below the part I made last week.


This is where it stands now!

I’m pretty taken with this top so far. As I said, this project just may make a convert out of me!

IMG_0676 sm name website.jpg

I do have a summary of my strings/crumbs tops/quilts all on one page.

IMG_0683 sm name.jpg

I started this about a year and a half ago now due to the fact that I had strings and crumbs that I wasn’t using. I decided it was time to start using them or get rid of them. It hurt too much to give them away or throw them away, so I began to get busy trying to find designs I wanted to make with strings. My problem is that I wasn’t really taken with most of the things I had seen with them.

They still aren’t my most favorite thing, but I’m realizing they can make nice quilts. I suppose close acquaintance and working with them has helped me begin to appreciate them more than anything else.

I also keep working with a design until I like it - or at least like it enough to make it.

IMG_0690 sm name website.jpg

And that’s what was happening with my strings this past weekend.

layout design with name.jpg

I realize that I am now about 13 tops into this crumbs/strings project. I actually can see a difference in the number of strings - way more than in the amount of crumbs I have.


This particular top - I’m calling simply “Zigzag” is using mostly strings from quilts I’ve done relatively recently.

And now you know!

And the next one? I’m already itching to get this one do I can go on to the next one. I’m exploring this idea of HST along with the strings - want to do at least one more with it as the theme - here it is -

You can tell I’ve used the same EQ file and even the same colors. Obviously they wouldn’t be this regular…but you get the idea!

layout without lines name website.jpg

I’m behind on strings quilts - so I need to focus on them as I’ve made 9 crumbs ones, I think, and this is only my 6th strings one - the above plan is number 7. These are using up my strings quite nicely!

I may try one in reverse - using a lot of light background strings - think “low volume” and darker HST - that could be interesting as well. Not sure I have enough of those light strings, though. Just thinking out loud here.

Have a great day - wherever you are reading this!

Be sure to check out what my sis has in the store for you!

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