Becky's going to kill me!

“What? You mean you spent $3000 and it all fit into 2 boxes???????????????????????”

That was me talking to myself two weeks ago when my Hoffman panels showed up. I couldn’t believe that I had done that to myself and to Becky (since we’re partners in this crazy scheme of ours.) But NOOOOOO… I counted and recounted my bolts. I even looked at the receipt to be sure that UPS hadn’t lost a box or two or three somewhere. But, NOOOO… I had it all, right on the floor beneath my hands… 2 boxes of fabric, totaling just over $3000. (And the boxes weren’t even particularly big.)

Not one to fret over such things, I contacted Becky, so she would know what an idiot I’d been with our little venture…. And then I decided to see if I could recover the money!

So, we put up the Big Dream Panels last Saturday and you guys came and took almost Every.Single.One. of them by noon on Saturday. (THANK YOU!)

Now, I was showing my husband the beautiful Call of the Wild series, (The only two things I had bought were the Dream Big Panels and the Call of the Wilds series) and he, being a sportsman at heart from Pennsylvania, thought that they were just stunning. Well, of course he didn’t say it in that many words. However, he did keep looking and looking at them and just found them totally fascinating.

I needed a way to show these to you LARGE!!! So, here they are…

I needed a way to show these to you LARGE!!! So, here they are…

My son, age 25, Peter, absolutely loved the Storm one (shown below). I found that interesting as though he’s quite entrenched in this business with us now, he doesn’t really say much about the fabrics. He did comment about that one, however, mentioning about how much he liked that one and would really like to have something made out of one of those yards!

Here’s hoping you all love these. I hope Becky forgives me because I had totally to bump her blog post for today to Monday because I needed BIG pictures for these. I was telling my husband, “I cannot accurately portray these beautiful panels in a 2 inch square! What can I do? So, I went to cogitate while I was taking my shower… am I the only one who does that? Anyway, instead of singing in the shower or really even paying attention to what I’m doing, I think….

And boom, it hit me. I could put up full page pictures taken from the Hoffman catalog (I give myself NO CREDIT for these photos, as I simply snagged them off the Hoffman catalog) and I’m putting them up here with some comments for you to enjoy.

Eye candy? Window Dressing? Beauty to Behold? Animals in Splendor? Beauty that Makes Your Heart Stop?

Whatever you want to call these, they are much, much, much more beautiful in person than the pictures portray!

The storm panel that Peter likes is in this capture.

The storm panel that Peter likes is in this capture.

And since I need to get Becky’s $3000 back, I’m asking for you to get creative and order these goodies up as fast as you did the Big Dream panels!

I’m also eager to show my Hoffman rep that we have awesome customers and friends, who, despite our being in Florida, know what a cougar, a brown bear, an elk and so forth are! He said that so far his quilt shops aren’t selling these too well, because, well, these aren’t Florida animals.

When I saw these panels in the catalog, I just thought of Becky’s friends in Alaska, and my hubby’s friends in Pennsylvania and wow.. so many, many snowbirds from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Canada…Not only do they know what a moose, brown bear, cougar, etc., are, some of them have them showing up in their backyards!

So, enjoy the view and hurry to the panels page and order them up! I’ve got to get Becky’s money back before she realizes what I did!!

By the way, we did not get the Cardinals and the Forest yet.. They’re slated to come in October.

Go here:

The Four Bolts of continuous yardage (We’re selling the storm as a panel).. but the ones going as continuous yardage are available for $9.99 per yard..

Payne’s Grey here

Viridian Green with Forest here

Gray with Snowflakes here

Blues with Snowflakes and Frost here

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