Pumpkin Garden update

We brought in some of our pumpkins a week or more ago now.

Why so soon?


I was getting panicky - a little. I’ve had them stolen from the garden before and with several beautiful ones, I at least wanted them a bit closer to the house than they were. (The garden plot is actually across the street from our house.)

So, I recruited my husband and son, Tim, and we brought in 12 pumpkins.

I’ve since brought in five more. As they turn orange (or white) and appear ripe, I’m going to go ahead and bring them over to this side close to our house. Here they are on the back patio.

I planted several white pumpkin plants. I was disappointed to see only two white pumpkins.

I planted several white pumpkin plants. I was disappointed to see only two white pumpkins.

I just went over to the garden before sitting down to work on this post and checked on the rest of them. Since it has decided to be so warm this year well into September, they are still growing and ripening. I think I have about 10 more.

Right now I have 17 pumpkins and 3 butternut squash.

I have several more butternut squash coming and maybe 10 more pumpkins!

So, all in all, it’s been a great year for my pumpkins.


I went over to the garden and got pictures of these that are still growing and maturing. My daughter in law said they were “well camouflaged”. That’s true. They hide very well - at least the green ones do. If they start out yellow or orange, not so much!

Then, there’s always that one plant…


I’ve had 23 zucchini from my 19 plants. I planted them very late in the season, so I’m grateful for all of them. I’ve given them all away. I really only planted them so that I could give them away!

My husband doesn’t really like them and they are so easy and fun to grow/watch, that I thought the $1.50 it costs for two packets of seeds was well worth the fun in growing and good will created in giving them to neighbors who do love them!

The other thing I’ve been doing with regards to preserving is apples. We were given some apples and I decided to dry them as my husband likes to use them this way.


We’ve been running the dehydrator for over a week now. As soon as we finish the apples, I’d like to try a pumpkin and create some dehydrated pumpkin. This way I can save a lot of it without it taking so much freezer space!

And now you know - that’s what I’ve been up to in the garden!

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