"Stringy Zigzag"

I finished it!

All done!

The top, that is.

This time I finished the last 32 strings blocks, made 64 HST just as the other weekends and here it is.

IMG_1679 sm name web.jpg

Since I’ve shown you how to do this in other posts, let these pictures be sufficient.

IMG_1694 sm name web.jpg

This did hit my strings pretty hard, however. At least my brights/bolds. I may take a hiatus from these for a bit until I can go round up some more bright, or at least highly saturated fabrics for the next strings quilt - at least the next one I want to do!

I’ve been doing some finishing of several of my strings quilt tops lately.

I think I’m all “strung out” ! Maybe I’ll go back to crumbs!

IMG_0693 sm name web.jpg

I do not have the pattern finished. I will get it done before I post the finished quilt - or at the same time. However, if you go back and read my last three Monday posts about strings, I guarantee it - you have the instructions on how I made this super simple quilt top! Just remember - the blocks finish in the quilt at 6” - so it is 96”x96” as a top.

And yes, I am super pleased. Way more pleased than I expected to be. This one outdid my own expectations of it. I could see that after the first week, though. I’d love to see yours some time, if you make one! I can see this being great in a color controlled one or with three colors only, for example.

And that’s what’s been happening in my part of the world lately!

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