"Royal Jewels" upcycled blues top #41 finished!

This one was a long time coming. I had the pattern put above my sewing machine area, but as I’ve depleted my blues boxes, my enthusiasm for the project has waned.

However, I knew I wanted to make one more after the last one - Chains and Rails (#40). This is what I came up with.

IMG_0616 sm name.jpg

For the longest time (in my plan) I had it with sashing in between in an effort to make it a bit snazzy. I think that was the problem. I wasn’t really pleased with it. Instead of making it better it made it too “ho-hum”. I took out the sashing and added the borders and I liked the spark it now had!

IMG_0628 sm name.jpg

Once I had a design that spoke to me, I had no problem making it. I got busy and made that top!

It’s simple. It’s easy. This one is big!

The pattern is here. Enjoy!

i also updated the upcycled blues page with the top and the pattern.

And now you know…I’ve not really been sleeping on this project, though it has taken the passenger’s seat in my projects as I have turned somewhat to finishing up some tops instead of just making new ones! I do want to get back to my 2” strips series as well, though!

So much to do!

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