"Going in Circles"

Do you ever feel like you are just going round ‘n round without actually making progress?

Well, that’s how it is with this quilt.

This is number 36 in the “upcycled blues” series of quilts.

IMG_5403 sm name web.jpg

There’s actually a lot taking place in this quilt.

Besides the look of circles in the center formed by 9 patches and rectangles, there are red and white strategically placed rectangles which form a sort of effect that goes around and around.

IMG_5403 sm name web cr.jpg

Then, I still had some more labels that I didn’t manage to use up in my Premium Labels quilt, so I used them in the piano key border.

IMG_5254 sm name web.jpg
IMG_5253 web sm.jpg
IMG_5252 sm name web.jpg
IMG_5340 sm name web.jpg

Plus, it’s BIG.


Sometimes I forget how big they are from the time I make them til the time I quilt them. Then, it seems like I quilt and quilt and I’m still not finished! Then after I am done I begin to realize exactly how big that quilt was.

I did use some red on the back, which, once again you see some shadow on the back at times.

A bit. I’ve had to try to get pictures of this quilt three times in order to be at least ‘sorta pleased’ with them.

When it’s lying flat on a bed or the floor, it doesn’t show through.

IMG_5349 name sma web.jpg

I did some loop quilting on it - as it is the easiest of all the quilting types for me.

IMG_5362 sm name web.jpg
IMG_5369 sm name web.jpg

I purposely didn’t do swirls since there are so many circular things already going on in the quilt.

I did update the pattern and it is on the free patterns page and on the upcycled blues page where I also updated the pictures!

And that’s it for me for today!

IMG_5317 name wb sm.jpg

Have a great day wherever you are reading this! I’ve been working on non sewing stuff most of the day today so I’m going to go sew soon!

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