"You're Covered"


This is number 24 in the upcycled blues series.

The whole series is found here if you are curious. I do keep updating the pictures as I actually finish the quilt tops.

IMG_4569 sm name web.jpg

I named it this because the block kind of reminded me of a security camera and when there are many of them and they are all pointed different directions they make me think of a whole bank of them such as they have all over London, UK. You’re Covered simply means you are being watched! Of course it has a double meaning since it’s also meant to be a quilt pattern which obviously serves as a bed covering.

I probably didn’t need to explain that, did I?

IMG_4573 sm name web.jpg

I’ve already talked about it when I made the top. That was here. It wasn’t difficult to make - and you could flip those blocks any direction you wanted including making a nice “even” quilt by keeping them all facing the same direction.

IMG_4592 sm name web.jpg
IMG_4652 sm name web.jpg

As to the quilting - once again, I did swirls and curls. I’m getting where I’m actually not minding them anymore. I seriously think it’s time for me to advance to something else. I know I’ve said that before. The problem with that is, that now that I’m comfortable with this one, I want to keep using it! And, of course, I can always work on improving it and learning to improvise with it a bit more.

I’d best go look on YouTube for some new all over ideas to try to master.

Now that I’ve done this one for about 10 (or more) quilts, I’m wondering why I was so scared of this motif.

Let me assure you , I didn’t feel that way after only one quilt, though. I guess I’m a slow learner when it comes to quilting designs!

IMG_4643 sm name web.jpg

I forgot to take a picture outside of the backing - so here it is. All upcycleds. Out the back glass door you can see some snow on the ground. It’s all gone.

IMG_4625 sm name web.jpg

A close up of the swirls. I used gray thread. I’m totally out of my light blue thread, which is what I would naturally have chosen for this one. Gray works, though. I’d like to whittle down my thread supply a bit - that’s why I’m making myself use colors I might not ordinarily use.


I really did take this picture on Christmas Eve day. On Christmas Day itself we got some more snow, but it was gone by the evening. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’ve been having a cycle of snow, melting, rain/drizzle, snow, rain, etc.

I think everyone would just prefer it get cold and stay there -if not seriously cold, a few degrees below freezing with snow on the ground would cheer everyone up a bit since it brightens everything on these gray overcast days. I’ve learned not to let it affect my spirits though. When I was first here, it definitely did!

IMG_4597 sm name web.jpg

I have updated the pattern with a new picture and it is on the free patterns page.

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