"Square Play" - 2" strips quilt top number 65 finished

Edited - I chose the name “Square Play” which was submitted via Facebook! Thank you for all your ideas! I do appreciate them!

I’ve been itching to get back to my 2” strips series - mainly because I have the strips right next to my sewing machine on the left (my piecing machine) and they have grown and grown and I’d like to whittle them back down to almost nothing.

This is one of my newest ones. The other new one I showed a week or more ago now - it was pink and green. I was ready for something really bright!

IMG_3083 sm name web.jpg
IMG_3083 cropped to a block.jpg

This quilt is made up of a single fun block that looks like it’s on point, but it’s not - and some pieced sashings.

In the end, I am quite pleased. I just need a name.

This is not an upcycled or recycled fabrics. It was a pleasure to work with bright solids that weren’t simply blue and more blue!

IMG_3094 sm name web.jpg

I’ll get the pattern put on the free patterns page after I decide on a name. If you could help me, I’d appreciate all suggestions! (Just put them in the comments!)


Oh, not knowing if you are a long time reader or not, but if you didn’t know…I made a 2” strips page - just like have my upcycled blues and upcycled project. This keeps the whole project in one long post and you can check it out. It’s here. The page isn’t completely up to date as to the numbering and naming, but I’m working on it.

And now you know - this is one of the things I’ve been working on here in my sewing room!

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