You’re going to see quite a few finishes here in the last week of the year. In fact, I’ve got scheduled from now til Jan 1 with something new every day- except for Sunday - don’t miss it!

This is number 27 in my upcycled blues series!

Sometimes when I make a quilt top, I’m less than thrilled with how they turn out.

Does that surprise you?

It shouldn’t. Yes, it does happen. This is one of those times that I was less than thrilled. It was as if I “almost” liked it as a top. I sorta liked it, but didn’t REALLY like it.

It is similar to a meal that turned out fine, but not exactly something to write home about.

That’s how I felt about this one as a top. I liked it, but only about a 5/10. Now that it is finished, it is more like an 8/10.

I think the quilting improved this one tremendously and now I like it - a lot!

IMG_4367 sm name web.jpg

The quilt is on point, and made up of a main block in two colorways. It isn’t hard., Shading takes a prominent roll in this quilt. Since I was using upcycleds, I was having quite a time getting the lights/darks and mediums to work out. Occasionally they didn’t as well as I wanted them to.

IMG_4377sm name web.jpg

Once again - the backing - completely upcycled fabrics.

I’m getting to where I’ve about run out of my blue duvet covers and second hand sheets, so I’m having to stretch a bit.

These came from my friend, Ewa, whose dad died not long ago and she let me take whatever I wanted from his apartment. I took about 3 large bags of second hand duvet covers and sheets.


I once again did all those circular things - swirls and such. I’m feeling so much better about doing them that I’m about ready to declare them as on my “I can do” list along with hearts and loops and meandering.

IMG_4380 sm name web.jpg
IMG_4677sm name web.jpg

Here you can see it all a little closer.

IMG_4675 sm name web.jpg

The quilt roll!


When I took this picture on Christmas Eve day, we had no snow. Well, there is a tiny bit of it showing in the corner of the yard. That’s all that we had left from the snow we had a day or so previous to that. It keeps snowing, freezing, melting, raining and again. It means our snow isn’t sticking around.

IMG_4399 snow sm web name with snow.jpg
IMG_4416 sm name web.jpg

In doing so many blue quilts in a series, I have used up my light blue embroidery thread that I used for quilting (mostly Isacord, but some Madeira - polyester), so I went ahead and used a darker blue as I still have a few spools of darker ones in my sewing room. I had bought a bunch a few years back from an online auction site here in Poland - 5000 meters each.

The dark thread makes the swirls more visible. I’m fine with that for a change. While I need to beef up my light blues/white section of thread for quilting, it is also stretching me in my comfort zone to use a bit darker colors.

From a distance - this one makes quite a statement and I really like it! This is one I might just leave on my line some day just because it looks nice!

IMG_4393 sm name web.jpg

I did update the pattern and put it back on the free patterns page here. All that I really changed were some pictures.

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