A Touch of Nostalgia

I have decided to take a hiatus from regularly posting about crumbs/strings quilts.

For almost two years now I’ve been showing on Mondays what I did on the weekends relating to them. But lately I’ve found myself not liking the weekends due to my “need” to work on those things. Since I’m in “charge” of this area of my life, I decided that I could change it.

So I am. It’s all going on hold. I really “want to to want to” do strings/crumbs quilts. At this point, I’m singularly unexcited about them.

Not sure why.

I just am.

Maybe once I get my sewing room all cleaned back up and things sorted back out I’ll be more in the mood to tackle those things again.

For now I’m not going there. I am really putting my wholehearted effort into finishing up this project - my upcycled blues one.

Exactly where am I on it?

Well, I have completely finished 39 quilts. I am behind in showing the last three to you since I’ve not gotten pictures yet. I have washed them and they are waiting for good weather for me to get pictures.

I have finished the top which I call “Hawaiian Dreams” (I’ll show it soon!) and am working on “Pick a Pocket” - using pockets to make a top. I am going to take back apart what I had started as I’m just not liking it and decided to go a different direction with that one.


I’m starting to feel a little nostalgic about this project. I can hardly believe it. I haven’t been able to wait til I could finish and now, with it almost done, I’m feeling a bit sad.

IMG_5674 sm name web.jpg
Strips of 1.5” checkerboard pieces.

Strips of 1.5” checkerboard pieces.

So, as I looked around I saw that I really did have a lot of this and thats and little pieces,

I decided that at least one more top needed to be in the works—something that uses very small pieces (not crumbs or things sewn to paper tape- I can still do that later when I get back in the mood to working on that stuff). That leaves me with 1.5” strips and squares as until now I’ve not done many things smaller than that size.

“What,” I thought to myself, “Can I do with these things that is a bit different?”

I’d already made a light/dark/light/dark with 2” squares and strips. Then it it hit me that I could make a simple checkerboard but ON Point.

IMG_567 sm name web.jpg

So that I’m doing now.

I’ll show this one’s progress as I can - but at least once a week I’ll show you where I am with it. I’d like to push through and be able to get this whole project done so I can count it as finished so I’m hoping this doesn’t stretch out into too many “weeks”.

I’ll be cutting up strips and tiny pieces into these small strips. I’m planning on strip piecing every chance I can - as working with 1.5'“ squares would be quite tedious and hard to be exact!

And now you know! That’s what I’ve been doing!

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