The "Patchwork Room"

Goodbye, Tim and Claire

On Friday we said goodbye to Tim and Claire! They returned back to the states for an unknown period of time. They hope to raise money to come back to live here permanently as missionaries.

It seems so empty without them. Even though we didn’t see them ALL the time, we saw them pretty often. Tim came over more than Claire as he had more time off from school (they were studying Polish primarily) and he/they did several things around the house and at church.

So, yes, it seems a bit empty without them. A lot of it is psychological. I know that. But it’s true.

Here they are helping me with the quilt give away -



One of the things that they wanted to do was something to help me in the ministry - though truly all the things Tim did around the house including building a set of steps and landing to the front entrance is a huge help!

They asked and I told them that redoing the room I would like to make into a patchwork room where I can teach patchwork to a few ladies at a time would be a huge blessing.

So they did.

Here are a few before pictures.

20181220_135825s with words.jpg

We didn’t figure out the table area yet and the heating, but they painted and redid the walls as needed, replaced the light fixture, fixed the door, and then painted it, and most of all for me, he installed a bunch more electrical outlets!

Previously the room had had one outlet.


But not so anymore. Tim put them along both walls, where I can put sewing machines on tables. We checked the power usage on the Pfaffs I have and they aren’t heavy duty, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all now!

Wanted you to notice all those outlets!

Wanted you to notice all those outlets!

Claire said she would have liked to changed the carpet out for a wood panel, but they ran out of time!

Claire said she would have liked to changed the carpet out for a wood panel, but they ran out of time!

So now all we need to do is figure out the tables and the actual setup!

I am so grateful! Truthfully, we could have had a class of sorts in there with kiddy curtains and a moon overhead light fixture and an unpainted door, but the outlets…well…I hadn’t figured out how to handle that issue!

I’m not starting next week, but this is one of the things I hope to see come to fruition between now and summertime.

And now you know!

Have a great day, wherever you are reading!

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