I named it Starstruck - with all the stars around the center, I thought it was an appropriate name.

IMG_6293 sm name web adj bright little.jpg

This is number 25 in my series of upcycled blues quilts.

I was thinking when I made this one that I was almost done. However, this one is only 25, but I kept going until at least 42 which is the one I’m working on as I write this blog post.

IMG_6304 smname web.jpg

The stars on the outside around the checkerboards were quite something to make! But I decided to go ahead and make them.

I worked on various options, trying to NOT use these double stars, but I didn’t like them as much as this one.

IMG_6318 sm name web.jpg

I quilted this whole quilt with an overall swirl design.

IMG_6306 sm name web.jpg

The back - as usual - is pieced.

IMG_6380  sm name web.jpg

There is some shadow see-through from the back sunflowers.

IMG_6330 sm name web.jpg

When it’s lying on the bed, however, it doesn’t show through as you can see in the quilt roll pictures towards the bottom!


The quilt roll!

IMG_6385 name web.jpg

You can see the quilting nicely in this picture.

IMG_6393sm name web.jpg

I have updated the pattern and it is in the free patterns or the upcycled blues page!

This is one of the things I’ve been up to!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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