"Log Cabin Echoes"

Another one finished completely! Yeah!

It is number 39 in my upcycled blues series of quilts.

I’m beginning to feel like the horse headed to the barn after he’s been out for a run. I’m so close to finishing this series…

IMG_6171sm name web.jpg

This quilt is made up of a single block - a log cabin block - but there are quite a few of them! Ahem Lots and lots.

I actually finished this quilt more than a week ago now, but I just go the pictures taken.

IMG_6063 sm name web.jpg

I did an overall loop quilting with tan thread and it made a wonderful puckered effect on the front - the texture is fantastic!

Once again, it’s all upcycled fabrics. I can’t think of much to say that I’ve not already said about these fabrics. These are the same ones. If you study the close up shots of these various quilts you will find the same fabrics used over and over in many of them!

The backing

The backing

The block itself finishes at a small 5” once it is sewn the quilt.


I do like the detail that shows up with the smaller blocks. I’ve not made any 5” log cabin blocks before.

IMG_6093 sm name web.jpg
IMG_6178 sm name web.jpg
IMG_6184 sm name web.jpg
IMG_6127 sm name web.jpg

The quilt roll -


Since it is a log cabin block, you make a variety of designs - actually the sky’s the limit! Mine just happens to be this layout. if you want to see the layout in close up form, just download the free pattern on this page

IMG_6139 sm name web.jpg

The whole upcycled blues series is here - don’t forget you can see it all at once on this page. I’m truly winding down to a close on it.

I’m kind of eager to get on to greens - but don’t worry - I only have 2 boxes (plus a few bags here and there! LOL) - I’m going to go with greens (and whites), greens and pinks and greens and purples. They will all be part of the same upcycled greens series! We’ll see how it goes. I don’t expect it to be a very big series. Seriously. I don’t have anything like the greens as I had blues - plus I’ve used up lots of green in my upcycled blues series.

Be sure to check out the goodies my sis has for you! She’s trying to keep fabric in stock that you love!

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