On the home front - wood delivery!

We’ve been in need of some wood for our fireplace as that is how we heat.

Our supply is getting low. Mike isn’t feeling like chopping a bunch up even though we do have some that we could use.

Since he is going to go to Alaska for a conference in February and will be gone for almost 3 weeks then and then after getting back, off to the Ukraine for 2 more weeks (to teach), he was a bit worried about me and the wood situation.

So, he got some wood delivered today.


Yes, quite a lot actually. For us, winter goes through March and into April, so we will be using this now through April and then, hopefully, this fall.

We got 5 cubic meters of wood.


and here it is on the ground -


Mike is piling it in our tent so I can have easy access to it - I appreciate his concern. It is true that often February can be bitter cold here in Poland. And March can be very cold! In fact, while many in the states are talking about gardens and such, we’re waaay too cold to think about gardening outside! Our spring is usually quite a bit later. I figure that we heat from October through April - 7 months of the year.


My husband actually likes burning wood - and since he takes care of the fireplace, most of the time, I’m okay with that!

I know this isn’t cultural, and isn’t about quilting - but it is part of my life— and it’s kind of important in a cold climate.

It all kind of works together to make “me” who I am.

Cold weather = chilly house =need for quilts = hubby who likes cool = need for more quilts!

It’s snowing today - so the white on top of the wood is fresh snow.

Oh…were you curious how much this cost? I’ll bet you were, even if you didn’t want to ask because you are “too American” (Poles have no problems asking about the cost of things!) It was about $250 total for 5 cubic meters plus delivery to our house.

And now you know!

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