How I make a "quilt roll"

Not too long ago I was asked to show how I fold my quilts to make up a quilt roll.

Here goes. I’m going to show you this time with a charity quilt size. I use pretty much the same method with my larger quilts, but of course it’s a bigger quilt roll!

In pictures!

Here’s the quilt!


Fold the quilt in half

  1. Fold the quilt in thirds


Fold up the second third so it now looks like this:


Flip it over - turn it over so the bound edges are facing up like this:


Fold over the quilt and form the “roll by folding over 1/3 of the way, approximately.


Then fold over again.


Now all the bound edges are hidden or on the bottom of the pile, so to speak.

And that’s how I make my quilt rolls!

Have a great day, wherever you are reading this!

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Becky Petersen1 Comment