Alaskan Show-Off, Day 1

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I thought I’d let you share this one along with me as i work on it. I am chomping at the bit to get back to my upcycled blues series and completely finish it off. But my husband is heading to AK on the 20th and this quilt has to go with him.


Now, never fear. This is an easy one. Remember Show-Off? Well, it’s not hard. But it IS impressive. So, I decided to make this quilt for the pastor and his wife who live in Alaska and have lived there almost their whole married life. I thought it would be something they might like. I’m really taking a guess at this, but I’ve been in their home before and they are not at all picky. I figure if I make it how I want to, with these really nice wildlife fabrics, then anyone who loves Alaska would love it. At least that is what I am telling myself! I’m sure hoping I’m right. But I’m about 99.5% sure I’m right or I’d not be making this for them as a surprise.

It’ll be about 100”x100” so big enough for a king size bed should they have one - though I suspect a queen.


I already had the big 9.5” squares out - my elves did that about a week ago now.


I began making the sashing strips. I cut both off white and some greens, browns and a couple of blues and started sewing them together. I need 118.

I didn’t get a really early start - not at all - because I was working on Pinwheel Fantasy. Then, my elves needed quite a while for the pattern and I had to supervise them.

I also got the strips made for my strip piecing of the 9 patches - cornerstones blocks.

Then, I decided to stop - I was tired.


So, I feel like I’m in good shape for tomorrow. I’ve got 64 9 patches to make and a lot of pressing. Then I need to lay out the pieces on the floor and try to figure out the best places for the really nice wildlife fabrics I have. Once I get those 9 patches made, I’ll be quite excited to see how this is going to look!


So..check back tomorrow and see how far I’ve gotten! Hopefully I’ll have the top together - at least the center of it!

And that’s what I’ve been up to today!

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