Alaskan Show-Off, Day 4

Today I did several things - but mainly, finished the quilting.


I managed to finish up half of it yesterday as I did a simple loops design all over.


Then, I took it and trimmed the edges,

In the past I’ve used scissors, but this time I used my rotary cutter.


Made the binding - I decided on a scrappy binding using the same fabric as the little 9 patches. I debated going with an all green binding, but decided to go fun and light-hearted and made it scrappy.

Then, I put on the binding.

I make my binding by sewing it on the back and filpping it over and machine sewing it to the front. It’s very strong that way.

IMG_7228s name web.jpg
IMG_7252s name web.jpg

Then, I put it in the wash.


Then, out on the table to dry. This table is literally the center of this home! We have used it to eat, of course, play games, do homework, sandwich quilts, teach some girls basic sewing, and now, of course, dry quilts!

IMG_7265sm name web.jpg

As I write this post, the quilt is on the table, drying.

The pillowcases. I used the wolf fabric because I have so much of it!

The pillowcases. I used the wolf fabric because I have so much of it!

And now…back to the decorator pillows and pillowcases. I’m planning on making the decorator pillows reversible. I’ve made the two pillowcases - the same but different.

I’m making 4 decorator 18” pillows to go with it. I’ve asked my husband to stop at the Walmart in Wasilla and pick up the 18” inserts - 2 packs - he needs to buy packs.


On Monday I hope to show you the whole set- and the quilt hanging on the line as usual.

And that’s what I’ve been doing in my part of the world!

Have a great day!

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