Update on the Cat!

Well, I’ve been doing all kinds of different things and am behind on blog posts.

I had great ideas about what I was going to day for today. I’m not up to doing either one right now.

They’ll be coming soon - never fear!


The cat - remember Tuq? The cat who got bitten by something?

He’s much better!


I never did take again to the vet. I decided after giving the pain medication, that possibly it was working against him. If something was actually wrong with his paw, as maybe a tiny bone in there was broken, that by giving him pain medication, and his using it, possibly it was making the situation worse. I thought of a broken rib, or a broken finger tip. Often they just wrap that kind of thing and tell you to be careful. I kind of suspected the same with the cat.


So, after I gave him the last shots, I didn’t take him back in. The last time I was in the doctor told me he wasn’t running a fever and he said it wasn’t broken. So…what to do?

I waited.

After a few days I saw him use the paw - a little bit.

But it was progress.

Then I saw him use it more.

Now he uses it almost all the time. Occasionally I see him hold it as if it hurts, but he’s running on it and walking with it.

So, all is “going in a good way” as my husband likes to say it.

He kept me company in my sewing room while quilting some of the charity quilts. The cats love it there as it is bright and sunny and warm in the afternoons!


So now you know! He’s much better! Thanks for asking!

Oh…here’s a different picture of that charity quilt I’m quilting:


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