Jurek's Stars pattern finished

I didn’t have any plans to make up this pattern.

The quilt is actually one that would fit into my “Easy Block” series of quilts - where I’m trying to come up with some patterns that specialize in using larger squares of fabric and making something interesting around that square - since there are times you don’t really want to cut up your fabric into 2”, 3” or even 4” pieces - but want the fabric itself to shine!

007 name.jpg

What happened was that a lady came into the store to buy something. My sis showed her my Jurek’s Stars quilt and convinced this lady to buy a pack of pink and gray fabrics. and told her she could make this up as a beautiful wedding quilt.

Well, that’s fine, but by the time I replied to my sis’ inquiry about the pattern, the lady had gone with her purchase. I told my sis that I didn’t have a pattern for that one and hadn’t planned on writing one.

026 name.jpg

Why? Because it’s just a sashing block that makes it special and both Quilter’s Cache and Jenny Doan at MSQC have instructions on how to make it.

But I realized if she wanted to make it like “my” quilt, then I had best get busy and help out my sis. Since even though the other places mentioned talk about the Morning Star sashing block, it’s not the whole quilt as I made mine.

So I did. It’s here if you want it.

I even showed in a queen size layout (92x103”) in case anyone wants to make it that size. I didn’t make Jurek one that big, however.

Why the name of my quilt? I made a gift for Jurek, a man who has been delivering boxes to us since we first came to Poland in 1994. I wanted something quick and easy but nice.

057 name.jpg

But you know what? When my sis told me about someone making it up in pinks and grays…well, you know what that did to me? Yep. Now I want to make one in pinks and grays - Hmm

Anyway…now you know!

That’s one of the things I’ve been up to here in Poland!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!

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