"Embroidered Glory"

I had so much fun when I first got my embroidery machine that I went crazy. I did so many really cute things!

But the problem then came - what do I do with all of these beautiful pieces?

I made a few quilts with some of them - here is one of them!

IMG_9347 sm name web.jpg
IMG_9354 sm name web cropped.jpg

I played around with the quilting on this one - and it turned out a bit of a disaster. The quilt itself is quite pretty, and probably after a few years of being thrown around and used, it will all sort of loosen up and straighten out. In the meantime, the quilting, being like I did it, made it all wonky. I’m not happy with it at all even though it is pretty! In fact, it’s VERY pretty!

It’s also tiny. I’m not really into this size of quilt anymore.

Anyway, it’s finished. For that I’m thankful! I must have had it sandwiched for quite a while as I don’t really remember when I did it!

It’ was one of those things sitting in that room in the basement that I’ve been trying to get cleaned out so so we can work in there and do some remodeling.

IMG_9357 sm name web.jpg

There is no name and no pattern for it. The blocks are just bordered and then sashed.

IMG_9369sm name web.jpg

A picture that represents a bit of irony - the quilt draped on my husband’s tractor - elegance sitting on ‘country’.

This is one of the things I’ve been up to l finishing lately!


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