Charity Quilt Labels

When I first started making charity quilts and wanted to put a label on them, I used some t shirt transfers.


But I noticed that they didn’t work as well as I wanted them to. I used them anyway as I didn’t know what else to do. It seemed like the words wore off with use.


Eventually I got a small embroidery machine and started making embroidered labels.


This is what they look like now - I’ve made various variations and I could certainly change this - but for now, this is what I’m doing.

I’m using my smaller machine here. No real reason except it’s less of a ‘big deal’ to set it up and this isn’t a big thing to embroider.


I sew this to the back of the quilt. When Fran has labels, she attaches them to the top before she sends me the top so they are on the front on some of the quilts - in case you were wondering about that.

It is kind of mesmerizing to sit and watch an embroidery machine work!

But I don’t do it anymore unless I’m watching the last minute or two of a design!

This does add to the time needed to make the quilts, but I do try to make the labels at times when I might not be actually quilting. It is somewhat distracting to make the labels, but I can do it and clean up the floor of my sewing room, for example, or wind bobbins, or other such things. I can do it while I sew or quilt as well - it’s just that I need to keep an ear out for the embroidery machine at all times so I’m not as focused on my sewing/quilting when the embroidery machine is running.


It does mess up at times - and makes awful noises. In that case I get there quickly and take care of it!

I just thought you might like to see this! As you see the charity quilts I’ll be showing all year, you will probably see labels now and then. This is where they originate!

I do use pretty much any fabric for the labels that I can find. I’ve been using some “not as nice” fabrics - and I’ve got a piece in the machine as I am typing that is at least 50/50 poly cotton if not 60/40 (poly/cotton).

And that’s it for me for today!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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