"This and That"

As I was coming to the very end of my decent sized blues pieces, I just decided to try to make another one from various blocks as I had some different sized things to try to use up. I didn’t have much big stuff, however - all pretty small!

So I came up with this one and decided to call it the very “original” name of This and That. It’s number 49 in the upcycled blues series.

IMG_1234 sm name web.jpg

I had seen someone make this very cool sashing effect, which I also used in another of the upcycled blues with a completely different look because of the size of the blocks (Shuttered Scraps - #47)

IMG_1222 sm name web.jpg

If I’ve ever made a quilt that is “quilted to death”, it is this one.

IMG_1077 name web sm.jpg

I knew that I had issues. I tried to us a white that was a bit too thick - and it made me have some problems.

Then, because i was making up a pattern, I wanted to use the sizes as per the pattern, and I stubbornly insisted on doing so. It meant that my border was wavy going into it - and I knew it. I figured I could “quilt it out”. What a joke.

IMG_1072 sm name web.jpg

I quilted and quilted and quilted and quilted. I could have almost given Leah Day a run for her money on how much quilting I put on this big thing!

(She always quilts densely - seemingly most of the time at about a 1/4” scale - so obviously I’m joking - even my closest isn’t that close, at least not mostly - there may be some lines here and there that close to each other.)

IMG_1214 sm name web.jpg

Alas, while much, much better, I didn’t get all the waves out.


So why did I think I could do this? I think I had gotten a little cocky since I had successfully quilted a yellow Lone Star HUGE charity quilt that was pretty badly “off” with extra fabric here and there and a huge bubble in the center. However, when I got done with it and washed it, it was fine.

Couldn’t even tell!

Also someone snatched that thing up quickly! As they should have (it was a lady - which also made me delighted!)

IMG_1067 sm name web.jpg
IMG_1260 sm name web .jpg

But I’m hardly an expert. Oh well. I’m definitely not feeling cocky anymore.

Anyway, here it is done. I really like the design - esp. the center part. I had fun quilting it and I can see myself doing smaller and smaller quilting. I do like the look.

IMG_1340 sm.jpg

It does make for a stiffer quilt, though. I’ve seen people make comments on Facebook about quilts that are so still they can almost stand up by themselves.

This is one of those. I expect that with some washing and throwing around in the dryer, maybe, even (so far I’ve just let it dry), it might tumble into some sort of softness.

The back - I forgot to get a picture of the backing while hanging up so here it is-

IMG_1347 sm name web.jpg

I did update the pattern with new pictures and put it back on the free patterns page.

IMG_1224 sm name web.jpg

I did update the picture on the upcycled blues series page as well - so you can go over there and take a look at the whole series if you like.

And that is one of the things I’ve been doing lately!

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