On the home front - It's hot outside AND I got my corn planted!

I had great plans to show you some sewing I’ve been doing.

The problem?

The weather.

It’s hot outside (upper 80s F and 90s F) and while I can sew without a problem - I don’t want to heat up my sewing room/upstairs where we sleep by ironing, so I am kind of going through ironing withdrawal.

hot outside.jpg

So I’m planning and sewing and doing other things. I have some computer work to do and I can always clean out portions of my “junk” - eer, my house - as I am trying to meet the “get rid of 2019 things in 2019” goal as part of a group I’m in and I’m way behind on that!

But my garden. That’s one thing I like to do each year if at all possible.

Corn from 2018 garden

Corn from 2018 garden

It’s kind of small. I planted only about 8 rows of corn about a week ago. It is leaping up - the first plants showed themselves by Thursday after planting them on Saturday!

Then I was going to be done. Oh come on - I want to sew, not spend time weeding!!!!!!!!

I figured I’d skip the pumpkins this year since I had such a great crop last year.

Rows of corn

Rows of corn

I had originally planned to plant sugar peas but didn’t do it in April when I should have and it is kind of warm to plant those right now.

I’m planning now to plant them now in August and see if I can get a fall crop in October.

a young corn plant

a young corn plant

Last Friday before I headed on out to see the red and white display of amazing patchwork quilts, I stopped by my friend’s house to give her something. Well, she had planted some pumpkin seeds from one of my pumpkins that I gave her last year!

For me.

She had a couple dozen seedlings. Some were “not so small”.

IMG_1465 cr.jpg

How could I say no?

I couldn’t.

It’s my friend who has breast cancer. She’s got a green thumb and loves growing things but isn’t feeling 100%, so she got a thrill out of starting these just for me because she knew I was in the states when I should have been starting some of my own.


I got about 15 of them in the ground on Saturday evening. But now I’m having to baby them since it is so warm. So, it’s off to water them 2-3x/day until they get established. This week is hot, but I couldn’t wait another week to get them in the ground because if I wait too long, we won’t have any pumpkins at all.

Let me show you what I ended up with last year.

I had already given several away at this point.

I had already given several away at this point.

My maiden name is “Tillman” - my dad’s family are all wheat farmers in Montana, USA. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I enjoy this aspect of life, should I?

Anyway, if I’m not sewing or cutting or planning, then just maybe I’m off working in the garden!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

Oh, and because I’m really desperate to make some progress, I’ve got plans to take some ironing outside and do it out there. That way I won’t heat up the inside of the house!

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