"Rachael's Garden" lap quilt - top finished

A while ago I cleaned out my sewing room, including the closets. I put my UFOs, mostly in plastic shoe boxes and put them on the shelves in my sewing room. I wanted to see all that I had as well as get ready for my new Juki.

So, when I came back from my trip to the states, I wanted to grab something quick and easy to finish up - I usually am in the mood to do that when I come back from a trip. Sounds weird, though, doesn’t it? Since it is a bit on the warm side, I can’t get really excited about quilting, though I can prepare for quilting by getting together some backings.

The original  Rachael’s Garde n - a curved log cabin. The blog post where I finished it is  here .

The original Rachael’s Garden - a curved log cabin. The blog post where I finished it is here.

I pulled out this group of squares already made but not yet put together. My goal with these UFOs is to just finish them up - even it means making a small quilt, which I also do like.

I had 16 curved log cabin blocks - the same ones as I put into Rachael’s Garden. They were leftovers from when I made the quilt on the right.

So I put together this top.

I used those 16 blocks PLUS I added sashing and cornerstones, so it is a bit bigger than if I hadn’t.

IMG_1426 sm name web.jpg

At that, it’s small, for me. Only 55.5” square, so we are talking a true lap quilt size, I think. Well, if anyone actually has defined a lap quilt size, then I would guess that this would be one, though of course, not the only one.

But I digress.

Here’s the plan I used for those leftover blocks.

Here’s the plan I used for those leftover blocks.

When the days are warm and I’m suffering from jet lag, but want to sew - having these quick projects to pull out and finish up - it’s very satisfying!

-Not that I want to purposely have UFOs so that I can do this. I don’t have to “make them up” as I tend to make blocks, at times, with no real final project in mind. In this case, they were leftover from that large quilt shown above.

I’m actually quite pleased with how it came out.

It’s perfect for a quick summer project when there are other things I need to be doing - like getting out there and watering my corn!

That’s all from me for today. I’ve got to get a few other things done that don’t include sewing, sadly!

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