Epic Buying Trip 2, part 2 - The rest!

After my sis and I got revived with some lunch - we asked Brian, our personal guide and son of the boss, to take us over to the other building where we could see things in action.

xmoda 42.jpg
xmoda 30.jpg

Over here is where they received shipments which arrive from the manufacturer on long rolls, bolt fabric and wrap it in plastic to keep it clean.

They also have some interesting rooms. We walked into the first room and came to a table. where Brian showed us some very old books. OK, not OLD, OLD like Old Testament or New Testament manuscripts, but “1700’s/1800’s” old. When we’re talking books - that’s old!


We learned that the Moda designer called Howard Marcus is named after the Brian’s father whose name is Howard Marcus Dunn. They design vintage designs, and get inspiration from these old books of fabric samples and designs.

Moda 50.jpg
xmoda 35.jpg

They also have some vintage quilts in this room. You can see some of them behind the picture of Brian and Rachael looking at the book.

We also learned that the designer name “Sentimental Studios” is an in house designer - meaning people who work for them - and not one specific person.

After checking out the books and looking at the vintage quilts, we went to the huge part of the building where they receive shipments and bolt and wrap fabric.

xmoda 40.jpg

Fabric doesn’t arrive at the warehouse in nice small bolts of 15 yards or less. It arrives on big rolls.


In this huge area, they have people who wrap the fabric (using machines) onto smaller bolts.

Rachael asked these ladies if she could take their pictures and got a couple of ladies in action.


After the ladies wind the fabric, someone then wraps it with plastic to keep it nice and clean. they have a machine that does it, actually.


In this short video, Rachael shows how they wrap the bolts.

Also in this vast building, they keep some more fabric - though this particular fabric wasn’t for us to buy.

xmoda 43.jpg

Throughout the whole complex, they had quilts on walls or other pretty things in conspicuous places around.

These were in the lobby - the quilt in the middle is Mr. Dunn, the founder of Moda Fabrics.

These were in the lobby - the quilt in the middle is Mr. Dunn, the founder of Moda Fabrics.

Here are some more pictures of eye candy that we noticed as we walked around!

At 3 pm the warehouse closed. We were tired, but happy that we had been able to buy what we wanted and had seen a lot. We headed back to the car and went on our way!

Thank you for coming along with us!

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Have a great day!

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