Red and white exposition! A Display of Polish creativity!

Last week I was invited to a display of Polish patchwork with the theme of red/white. The current group of quilts is in a culture center about 15 minutes from my house.

Not many people were there -but I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of people.

The Polish patchwork guild organized a competition. The only requirement was that they use red/white fabric. The point? 100 years of independence for Poland - from 1918 to 2018.


Participants chose to enter either the large or small category.

It was hard for me to get good pictures of the small ones since they seemed to be up high on the wall and they were in a narrow corridor. I got some for you, though.

But enough with the talking., Let me show you some of the works that I saw. They were amazing. The variety and creativity was jaw dropping. Remember - we probably have as many quilters in Poland as in any one state of the USA so the numbers are rather small, comparatively.

I honor and acknowledge their skill. These ladies (I believe they are all female) display the best of Polish creativity.

Only a couple of them were long armed - most were done by the person who pieced on their domestic machines.

Here they are.

The overall winner for first place was the Polish flag which was fabulously quilted - almost like a whole cloth quilt - except that it was in red/white.

Some of the detail is shown here:

While this one did not win anything, if I had been judging, I would have chosen it as the quilting was magnificent AND the piecing was amazing.


The details:

Just to show you the variety - here are some more!

This was the first place winner in the small category - it’s a stamp.


This one won second place in the small category - both the first and second are quite small.


Just so you can have a better idea of what size these small ones are, here’s the corridor looking at the small ones.


I actually thought this one was one of the most creative. A project - knitting.


A little detail:

The one I was drawn to initially. Maybe because it’s location on the wall was ideal - but I loved the detail in it.


I spent just over an hour at the display. I hope many others will go and check it out!

The talent and work these sewists displayed is well worth your time!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!