"Corralling the Scraps" top finished

A couple of years ago when I was busy cutting up my scraps with a fury (I need to do it again), I kept out all the interesting nature fabrics and cut them into 3” squares while I was cutting the rest into 1.5”, 2” and 2.5” strips.

IMG_1457 sm.jpg

I had a pile of these and had them just sitting there. Somewhere.

I wasn’t sure where they were, actually.

Then I went through my sewing room earlier this year and at least put all my UFOs into plastic boxes by themselves so when I got in the mood, I could make them up.

I knew I was going simple with these - making a big 16 patch, or a 9 patch, or something.

I got in the mood when I got back from my trip to the states. I actually pulled out three of these plastic boxes. This is the third one - since we’ve talked about the other two yesterday and the day before yesterday.

This is what I ended up with.

IMG_1451 sm name web.jpg

It’s really quite easy.

It is 63”x 88.5”

It is 63”x 88.5”

The layout looks like this:

It’s not a very big quilt.

Once again, just after returning from my trip, I wasn’t, rather, haven’t been, ready to really dig down deep and focus on one thing.

I’ve been struggling with jet lag, being cool, now being warm, and having several different things to deal with.

I knew it wouldn’t take all that long.

And it didn’t.

The squares I worked with started at 3”, so the block was bigger than sometimes I work with - so of course, it went together quickly. I often work with 2” squares, so 3” seemed almost “big”.

I’ve done the frame around the squares before, but not sure I’ve done the “same color” on the side of the white frame as the sashing. Actually the block goes all the way to the white frame.

I’ve made up the pattern for you. I know, I know. It’s super simple and you think you don’t need it? That’s fine. Maybe someone wants or needs it. It’s on this page. Just keep going down the page and you’ll find it.

Here’s a close up of the squares.

Here’s a close up of the squares.

You could just as easily leave off the row at the top and bottom of the quilt with leftover 3” squares. I wanted them there, however, to make it longer. The way I made it the quilt is 63”x 88.5” so a nice size for a twin. It’s not a wide twin, but it’s fine. If you consider that the average twin mattress is 39”, that gives you almost 14” overhang. So, depending on how thick your mattress is - depends on if it is big enough or not. Probably great for a bunk bed, but not so great for single twin bed with a really thick mattress.

Anyway, the pattern is on the free patterns page.

Oh, and I decided to go with green around the outside because I have lots of green and in honor of my daughter in law who loves green. My natural tendency was to go with brown. I resisted that and used green!

And now you know…that’s one of the things that has been going on around here!

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