Needed: Sewists of all ages for Hospice in Lakeland and surrounding areas.

Recently a Hospice VITAS Healthcare volunteer manager named Lisa Allen contacted me. She came into the store and shared her desperate need for help. She is in dire straits. She operates the Hospice out of Polk County, Florida, and is needing sewists. Desperately.

Vitas Hospice Healthcare has a program whereby they make memory bears out of loved ones’ clothing. The bears are then mailed to loved ones or delivered by the nurses to the patient’s care team. Lisa told me that one of the most rewarding things is to watch how the families cherishes the memory bears after the loved ones pass away.

So, really, the bears serve as double blessing: A blessing to the patient while he/she is still alive, and then, later, once they are gone, to serve as a reminder to the family. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

The bears serve as a double blessing... A blessing to the patient while he/she is still alive, and then, later, once they are gone,

Memory bears’ clothing and supplies are provided by Hospice to the volunteer. Lisa said that she’d be able to deliver the items to those who can sew as long as they live within a reasonable distance. She’s desperate. She’s 30 bears behind at this point.


These bears will be hugged and loved

Also, they are also desperately in need of quilts for veterans!

They like to present all Veterans in Hospice care with a lap quilt for them.

Vitas Healthcare Hospice program will supply the panels for you to sew. They even have sashing, border and even backings. You just do the sewing. Lisa told me that these quilts are presented to the veterans while in Hospice care, but that the family then keeps it as a very special Keepsake after their loved ones are gone.


You just add borders and backings! They will supply the materials!

Lisa is desperately in need of help. She said that they could possibly send you the panels needed, as in ship them via the post office, if you don’t live close by. Perhaps some of you could just contact her and order straight from us here at Quilted Twins, make the quilts and send them to her all via the post office.


Your contribution of TIME will be greatly appreciated! When was the last time you were NOT asked for money, but just your sewing skills?

I know that we have ordered in a bunch of gorgeous patriotic panels that would make beautiful Veterans’ quilts. We would like to help Lisa to be a blessing to these veterans as they’ve done so much to help preserve our freedoms. So, I’ve offered to see if any of you can give of your time to help.

If you can help, please contact Lisa Allen at: (863) 583-7100 or email her at: To avoid mistakes in emailing, simply copy and paste the email address into your email program or click on the email address, and your device should take you to the email program. She’d love, love, love to get some phone calls, and I’d love to know that we’re helping.


We sure do try to keep our fabric affordable, so you can sew even more Veterans’ quilts than ever before!

We can’t donate the fabric, but we’re keeping our prices just as low as we can possibly go for all of the Patriotic fabrics. The patriotic fabrics should be running about $1 more yard (or more) than they are, but we need to be able to continue to provide the fabrics so that we help to ensure all of those who are giving to the Veterans can keep on doing so.

Won’t you consider helping Lisa to make these family’s lives just a bit nicer? Give her a call today! I know you’ll love being a blessing to someone else!

Once again, her phone number is: (863) 583-7100.

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