Uh oh! Box stuck in customs!

I received a notice from the post office just before the Easter weekend that I needed to come and get something.

So I went on Tuesday morning when everything opened back up after the Easter long weekend. I was hoping it was a box of tops that my friend, Fran had sent me.


Well, it wasn’t. Instead it was this letter.

I opened it and put it aside. I didn’t have time to deal with it yet. I had 20 days to do something or they would send it back.

But I decided I had to do something about it on Friday. i tried calling to find out what I needed to do but they didn’t answer the phone.

So we drove the 45 minutes to the main post office that deals with boxes and went in it.


First we had to check in and get a guest pass- my husband had to show his ID - residency permit.

Then after heading the direction they pointed, we went on it through these doors and followed our way around.


After warndering around a bit we went through some doors and came to a place where there was a seating area. A man was sitting at a window and I told him I wasn’t sure what to do - he was sitting at a window.

i handed him the letter and he told me that the box was declared at $70 and so I had to pay taxes on it - for whatever reason, I hadn’t even seen that part of it - the part where she said it was $70. Of course, sellable value is $0 - as these are charity tops.

Anyway, I had had to show the man my ID - residency permit - in order for him to deal with me - along with the letter.

Then he told us to go sit and wait - that it would be 40 minutes (why? there was one other person in the room?)


Anyway, thankfully it wasn’t 40 minutes. In about 20 minutes he told me to go to the cashier’s place which was about 20 feet away. I told her my name and showed her my residency permit after she asked me for it - and I paid the 69 zl that she asked for.


She then sent us to the back warehouse area - about 50 feet from the cashier’s desk - with this paper.


We spoke to a lady who would get me my package.

Once again, this lady asked for my residency permit, wrote something down and stamped something and asked for another 8,50 zl. While she was away from her desk getting the box, I got a picture.


Then she gave us the package and we left.

Four times we had to show ID. Three of the four were basically in the same shared space. I had to pay 2 separate times - cash, each time, of course.

We didn’t see anyone use a computer, though I do see a monitor and keyboard in this picture. I didn’t hear a phone ringing anywhere either though I know there is a number associated with it though according to Google reviews they never answer it if the reviews are accurate. (They didn’t answer it when I called - maybe it is off in a building where no one is working!)

Sometimes I feel like Poland is pretty caught up to the “west” and then there are times that i know it isn’t. This was one of those times! Efficient - it isn’t.


Anyway, we took the box back to the car and drove home.


In Traffic.

Thankfully they planted tulips and wildflowers in the median! It gives you something pretty to look at while sitting still in traffic!


We also stopped at McD’s for lunch. After eating we had to separate our trash out and we are supposed to put it into separate trash cans according to what it is for recycling However, we are NOT convinced that they actually recycle it. We’ve watched the trash people put all of the trash - both the mixed stuff and the sorted stuff all in the same truck at the same time.

Maybe they end up sorting elsewhere again. ??? Who knows? It’s a mystery.


Anyway, that was a little adventure we had.


You want to see the quilt tops?


Here they are. Fran had told me 9 small tops and 5 little ones, but it was really 10 small ones and 6 big ones.

I now have 16 more tops to work with!


And that’s one of the things we’ve been up to lately!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!

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