"Pick a Pocket"

There is one advantage of making a quilt top, putting it away for a while and then finishing it later. It is like new all over again! Often when I put them on a shelf somewhere, they are just “so so” to me - but they somehow improve while sitting on the shelf!

This is number 34 in my “upcycled blues” series where I decided to use up my second hand blue fabrics when I found myself with 6 boxes of these fabrics!

IMG_1091 sm name web.jpg

These are all pockets. There are a couple of filler blocks that I did use - but otherwise, all pockets and a thin strip of white fabric that went between the pockets and between the rows.

I showed how I made this top here. I don’t really want to re-cover that ground.

IMG_1102sm name web.jpg

Because I made this specific to MY pockets that I had, I was unable to write a pattern, but if this idea fascinates you, just go back to the post linked above. I show you more pictures and tell you how I made it.

IMG_1097 sm name web.jpg
The back is all second hand fabrics.

The back is all second hand fabrics.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to quilt this, but I did do the easy thing and used white thread and sewed on the white to secure each pocket down.

I knew that wouldn’t be enough, however, and I wanted more security with the quilting. Oh, I did use poly batting, as I know that my poly batting holds up fine with 4-6” apart ties.

I used a special clasping stitch found on my Janome 8900. Actually, it’s one I programmed into it - a specialized stitch, then a lock stitch and then the machine automatically cut it because I programmed it that way. So, I secured each pocket at each corner, and one inbetween each of the three sides. At the top, where the opening was, I pulled down the opening and did a stitch just below the edge, so it can’t be seen from outside.

IMG_1089 sm name web.jpg
IMG_105 sm name web.jpg

It did take quite a while, but it was quite easy. I could just set it in position and hold the pedal down until it finished all the steps and then move the quilt to the next place to take a stitch!

Anyway, I like it.

Here are some close ups of the clasp stitch that I did.

IMG_1323 sm name.jpg

I think I’m going to try to make some more kids quilts (for grands, etc.) and incorporate at least one pocket in each one so they can hold their precious things in them!

IMG_1106 sm name web.jpg

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