"Easy Block" series of quilts

Even though a lot of patterns I work with or make use relatively small pieces, I am an equal opportunity player when it comes to piece sizes!

Sometimes I have fabric that is just too pretty to cut up into small strips or squares. Or maybe it is so special that I don’t want to think that I, or anyone, actually, HAS to cut up their fabric tiny in order to make a nice quilt.

So, I more or less went 180 once in a while and made what I think of as an “Easy Block” quilt.

The idea is that the main block is quite easy - as in pretty much just leaving the fabric in one piece.

Let me review.

The first one I did was Show Off”. I used upcycleds for it. I think it is self explanatory:

name sm.jpg

Here is the same pattern but in a different set of fabrics totally!

IMG_7308 sm name web.jpg

Easy Block #2 is this one - I called it Radio Waves

top bigger name.jpg

Easy Block #3 is here - It’s Jurek’s Stars

007 name.jpg

Number 4 is Ela’s Garden.

IMG_3110 main picture name sm.jpg

Easy Block #5 is I Spy Snowball!

IMG_2511 sm name.jpg

Easy Block #6 is It’s a Parade!

IMG_7344 sm name.jpg

There you are! These are quite easy “blocks” - specifically the pieces are left large and whole. I’ve linked to each pattern for you in case you are interested.

I may have to reevaluate and see if I have any more of these quilts that I’ve already finished.

I do have some more plans for more of these as well.

Especially as I contemplate starting my UP Greens series! It is possible I enjoy doing these especially in contrast to the 2” series - which are all pretty intense, even if they are not difficult.

So there you go! All of these patterns are free on the free patterns page.

While none of these are brand new - this is for you information! Some of you are relatively new to this blog and I wanted you know what’s out there and why!

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