My sewing room!

I thought a few pictures of my sewing room layout would be a good idea. It’s all cleaned up right now —- I recently went through almost everything in my sewing room and I think it’s time for some pictures before I mess it up again!.

First of all -

My sewing room is upstairs - it started out as a guest bedroom - but it is upstairs and our bedroom is upstairs. We soon discovered we preferred having guests farther from us, rather than closer, so we moved our guest room to the basement. We don’t have our own bathroom in our bedroom but there is one on the upstairs level. So upstairs we have our bedroom, my husband’s office, my sewing room and a bathroom. It’s actually perfect - as the bathroom is right across from my sewing room!

The only thing not perfect is the carpet on the floor. Carpet in a sewing room is definitely not ideal.

I know some prefer to call their sewing room their studio. I don’t worry about what you call it - I actually prefer sewing room as I don’t bring in other people into it. I think some have said that a studio was where you bring in clients.

Whatever. I don’t care actually.

Enough talk. Here are the pictures. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I use it almost daily . I am very grateful for it!

I know that for a lot of you, this is terribly messy. However, this is after I cleaned in there for 20 hours - it was really a mess! Seriously! What's important is that it works for me.

Click on the arrows to get to the next picture.

And now you know!!! This is where I make those charity quilts!

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