Charity Quilt Week 1 - Day 5

Well, today I worked extra hard. Really hard, and I grew tired of sitting at my machine. But I didn’t. I did make my way to Otwock, and then our town briefly.

I put in almost 10 hours of sewing, cutting, pressing. Some of that was taking pictures, however. The other days I didn’t count taking pictures.

Someone wrote that I’m very organized. That’s actually very funny.

I’m not.

best layout charity floral.jpg

I can only do this when I take a few bites at a time. I have fabric all over my dining room and spread out on the couch. One good thing - I am working through that rather large box of fabric I received in January - it was packed up 2 years ago - and was missing all that time! It was full of these kinds of fabrics - perfect for the current batch of charity quilts.

So what did I do?

Toggl said - it was 9 hours, 57 minutes.

I didn’t keep coming back to the computer today to change when I was ironing/pressing or cutting. I just did it all. Will continue that another day. Running back to the computer or being on my phone to change that stuff is very distracting and takes time. I was focused today!

But this is what I got done today.

Cutting - cut some sashing strips for my upcoming floral shadow quilt It’s going to look like this. I am considering trying to come up with 24 different florals. I have way more than 24 so I am thinking I will do that. I have about 12 cut out and made in the block so far. The quilt is 24 blocks - like this


The blocks are looking like this:


I worked on a couple of strippy quilts:


I began working and thinking about some more owl quilts. I finally gave away the last of the ones I made in previous years so I dug out my bolt of owl fabric and decided to tackle some more. (Picture of that bolt on a different day.)

At first I’ll make 5 or 6 just strippy quilts and then decide if I want to venture into something different. The fabric is simple and doesn’t lend itself well to blocks.


I cut and cut. And I changed the blade in my 45 mm cutter. Sorry. I didn’t show most of the cutting.

It was simply borders and more borders!

Or sashing.


Here are all of the tops I managed to actually finish up today. it was a bit more to take pictures because I had so many finished!


Here’s the today’s summary picture. It was a good day for top finishes!

This is where I currently am - 29 small ones and 10 large ones

IMG_7957s cr.jpg

And that’s it!

Check back tomorrow for more updates!


These are the tops I was able to completely finish up and get pictures of today. It was a good day.