Charity Quilt Week 2 - Day 3

Today I made a conscientious effort to use my Toggl app on the phone and to keep it right. I put it right near my sewing machine and tried to let it be part of my body for the day.

You can see here that I placed it on top of my sewing machine - that way I was reminded to keep changing it if I went downstairs to cut.


I do have my cutting station set up on my dining room table, so while it may not be as efficient it does keep me going up and down the stairs.

I can cut in my sewing room of course, but Skagway, my cat, has decided to sleep near me - right where I might normally cut. Anyway…


Toggl said that I spent 10 hours, 15 min. today doing stuff, which included 25 minutes of taking pictures.

I spent

  • sewing tops -7 hours, 40 min

  • cutting - 1 hours, 39 min

  • pictures - 25 min.

Obviously I forgot to mention the ironing part. I did iron - but it was included in my sewing tops time. Sorry about that. If I could figure out how to just tell it, instead of having to actually swipe it, I’d probably do better - maybe?! It was probably about 1 hour of ironing.


Since I’ve been using up so many different fabrics in my making those pillow panel tops especially, I thought it might be interesting to see some of the selvages I’ve cut off. I’m an “equal opportunity” fabric user, BTW. It may pain the LQS - only purists to see this. If so, just keep on reading. No need to comment!


I’m leaving the picture big so you can see. If you look closely you can see quite a few different names/ brands. A couple of them I don’t know if they are still in existence today.

Some of the various selvages from the fabrics I have used lately.

Some of the various selvages from the fabrics I have used lately.

Here’s the gallery of tops:

Today’s finishes

Today’s finishes


The collection of tops I have so far:

The totals

The totals


Here is some planning of one of the next strippy quilts I want to do


Some pictures of work in progress:

IMG_8173 s.jpg

And that’s where I am from today’s work!

Check back tomorrow for the next update!

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