Cultural: Going to the vet!

During this whole push to finish up as many tops as I could for 14 days, one day our cat, Tuq, came home very late in the day - about 1 pm when normally he’s here at 7 am from his nightly wanderings.


He was holding his paw up, not using it. I picked him up and brought him to the house - I actually saw him when I was out talking to a delivery guy.

After a day and a half of not seeing to improve, I took him to a new to us vet. Our previous vet had died of a stroke - last year, I believe.


Here he is. I took him where they had the capacity to do xrays as I actually thought it was broken. It’s a clinic in Warsaw where several vets work.

Thankfully, however, it wasn’t. The lady vet told me it was a bite - but a bad one at that. Maybe another cat.

I thought I’d show you.

I put him in his cat carrier and off we went - about 12 minutes back barely to the edge of Warsaw - about 3 miles from our house. As I got there, there was no line! So thankful. I was able to go right in and the vet saw him. I had called the day before and the person who answered the phone had recommended between 4 and 5 pm as the least busy time, so I went then.


They actually left me alone in this room while they took the cat into another room to have x rays. I was kind of surprised, actually.


After determining that he didn’t have a broken paw, but instead a bite, he got a pain killer shot and an antibiotic shot and we were sent home. I was so relieved that it wasn’t broken that the 190 zl ($50) wasn’t even too bad, I didn’t think!


I was told to come back the next day. I asked the best time of day - since it’s a “wait in line” type of thing and I dislike waiting - Saturday between 12 and 2 is the best time?

OK, I’ll be here then.

And I was. Only one person inside before me. That’s great!

Still not using his paw, got another shot. Cost - not too much each ensuing visit has been about $10-$13.

The third day, Sunday, I had to wait about 2 hours! I didn’t even want to be there but they told me the antibiotic was important! I knew that I had to do something. The vet had asked me the day before if I knew how to give the cat a pill. I told her no, and that I’d come back instead of giving the cat the pill myself.

However, I was determined to learn how. The vet on Sunday was yet a different one, and she taught me how to give the cat a shot as he needed his antibiotics. She told me giving shots was easier than giving a pill to a cat.

I told her I just didn’t have the time to come to the vet (as I wanted to spend as much time as I could on this project PLUS I was helping a friend go to the hospital for things relating to her cancer- it left in a predicament as to when I could actually get to the vet at a time that wasn’t conflicting with something else, especially on Monday - and the sewing wasn’t really factored into it).

After showing me how she did a shot, she turned the cat around and had me give him one. And so I did. I learned how to give our cat a shot! (I can’t even imagine such a thing happening in the USA.) I was very grateful.

You have to understand. I’m NOT a nurse. I don’t like blood. I don’t like doctors. I don’t like anything about the medical industry. Yes, I am intensely grateful for it all - I just have had no desire to be part of it. I fainted once in the hospital while visiting a Sunday School kid who was a patient - have blood drawn - that’s how bad it is for me!


They sent me home with two needles filled with the antibiotics and I was able to NOT go back to the vet. I was to give the cat a shot on Monday - Day 4 - and Tuesday - Day 5, by myself.

And so I did.


However, after the 5 days of antibiotics, he still didn’t act very well, so I finally took him back in. However, this time, and yet ANOTHER vet at this clinic (the fourth vet who has seen him) this vet was a young man - he told me that the cat didn’t have a fever nor was his paw swollen, but I told him that the cat wasn’t using it like he was like I knew he usually did.

The vet did some feeling around and got hissed at a few times for touching the sore part of his paw, he admitted that obviously it still hurt him, but since there was no fever or swelling an antibiotic wasn’t needed anymore.


So he gave me two more needles filled with pain killer and sent me home (the visit and 2 shots cost me 43 zl - or $11.35).

Hopefully by the time the last shot is used up the cat will be well or at least well on his way to using his paw.

I’m only including costs on these kinds of things because I know people are curious!!! Most Americans are too polite to ask, though many Polish people have no qualms about asking about the cost of everything.


In the meantime, he’s lying around on quilt tops and I’m letting him.

I hope my recipients aren’t allergic. I’ve never had any complaints. I do wash everything before I give them away and don’t let the cats sit on them after washing. However, I suspect there is just “cat dander” everywhere if one has a cat in the house.

Anyway, this is my summary cultural report about my most recent experience with the vet here in Poland.

Have a great day wherever you are!

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