"Old Guys Rule"

It’s been a while I know.

IMG_9403sm name web.jpg

But I finished it!

This is a pack that my sis had. Unfortunately I think she’s down to only 4 left. You can make this quilt - at least the front - with only this one pack. The binding and backing will not be included - will have to get some other fabric for that.

All I did was straight line quilt this top - one direction.

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The fabric is wonderful. It is soft to the touch and just delicious! Just think - it is possible to make this top for only $22 for the fabrics from Robert Kauffman!

Now that’s a deal. If you like it, even if the packs aren’t available, you could buy your own Old Guys Rule fabrics and still make it up. It just wouldn’t look exactly like this one.

The pack consists of 8, 1/2 yard pieces, so that lets you know it took 4 yards to make the top.

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I’ve added the pattern to the free patterns page. At first we saved it to go with the packs, but with only 1 pack left at the time of writing this blog post, I’m making it available if you want to use it. It’s a pretty basic pattern - simple. Even though it is simple, it turned out pretty nice. There’s a challenge to making a pattern from a pack that is already made. Thankfully I’ve had to do this kind of thing before. But it’s not really that easy to work this way with it. It is easier to make up the pattern first and then find fabrics to fit!

IMG_9277sm name web.jpg

I don’t often make quilts this size, so it was a nice change for me to make something this small - from start to finish. Even the charity quilts are larger than this one! This one is 54.5”x 67” so a really nice lap size quilt!


Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!

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