Charity Quilt Week 2 - Day 2

Today I worked reasonably hard though I was tired after my long day yesterday.

I just don’t seem to get as much done as I think I should be able to. Oh well. I know I’m getting more done than if I weren’t trying at all.

It seems like before I know it the morning is gone and I’ve only done a little bit. At least only a little bit compared to what I had hoped to have gotten done.


Today I did spend most of the day sewing tops. I forgot to come and check on Toggl and change it, so it has me down for 10 hours, 58 minutes but that is wrong. I forgot to check out when I went to the post office and stopped at McD’s for lunch and other things.

  • 10 hours, 20 min sewing tops I felt like I only sewed for about 4 hours this morning.

  • 24 minutes cutting

I forgot to sign in for ironing, but I did iron about 40 minutes.

So, in the end, I probably worked today for about 8 hours total.

I guess Toggl doesn’t do much good if I forget to sign in and out. Sigh.

I will try to do better tomorrow!


I did end up finishing up 6. Four of these were my Round and Round pillow panels. I am really hitting up my country blue fabrics, but it’s okay. I’ve been pulling these fabrics out of my stash in my room. These were the colors that were everywhere in the 80s. They may be “passe” or out of style, but I still like them. But then I suppose I don’t come from a family highly concerned with having something that is “in”. My mom’s front bathroom is peach and mint green - done so many years ago that I suppose these colors are back in again - or if not now, they will be.


I am finding I am using a lot of Joan Kessler, a designer popular back when those colors were common -

Oh, I just had to laugh. I did a quick google search on her name to find the era in which she designed. The people posting here acted as if it was “really old” and the fabric possibly in doubt as to quality or something else. (as if it were questionable somehow.)

I guess since I remember when these colors were “in”, they don’t feel so old to me. To act like the fabric “might not be good” seems ludicrous. But maybe that’s just how it is. I guess. She designed from ‘75-’95 for Concord. I have to say I really do like the prints - but the fact is, I’m not using them, so I am “letting them go” into charity quilts. These fabrics all came from the lady whose stash we purchased in 2015. And she had a lot of them!

Anyway, here is the gallery: i added 4 more small tops and the 2 larger ones today.

This is what I have so far.


I can count and not remember how many I had in 5 minutes, so I decided to start writing it down and taking a picture - that way I can refer back to it.

Total number of tops so far - 63. This is great, because it means I’m on my way “downhill” (I want to have 120.) .

Going downhill on a goal is a good thing.

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