Charity Quilt Week 1 - Day 4

I spent quite a while today working hard on this project.

In fact, Toggl said I spent 9 hours, 33 min. and 45 seconds on these things:

  • Ironing - 3 hours, 13 min. - but that’s wrong. I forgot to come in and change what I had done. I only ironed for about 1 and 1/2 hours

  • sewing the tops - 4 hours, 36 min

  • cutting borders - 1 hour, 7 minutes

  • computer work - 35 min - trying to get my orders straightened out for getting some backing for these charity quilts. I’m having issues with one of the companies.


Anyway, once again, I did the same types of things -

  • worked on making some of the strips for the shadow quilts - florals - I’m doing

  • added some borders to some of the Around the world tops my friend Fran made

  • added some borders to a couple of tops I’m making that are just a pillow panel in the middle with a kind of wild border effect.

  • and decision making.

Sometimes that takes the longest and I can’t get a picture of that.

I have to decide which color to use, and which fabrics. Right now my dining room looks like a tornado hit it! I have a lot of fabrics out and about for me to choose from as I cut.

This, incidentally, is one of the reason I have chosen to do these right now. The “bomb” effect isn’t bothering my husband since he’s not here!

I did manage to finish up 6 single size tops today. I didn’t work on the larger ones. I felt better today about what I did get done - better than yesterday, that is.


And that’s it for my charity work today. Here’s a picture of the pile of finished tops - ready to sandwich.

The current count is 29 - there are 20 of the smaller ones and 9 of the larger ones. The only thing stopping me from doing more and more right now is time/energy.

Otherwise, I have everything I need to finish more tops. I have so many ideas now…they are just swimming in my head.


I just remembered I had a drawer in my son’s room that had a lot of pillow panels in it. I reached it, barely (fabric in the way) and pulled out a handful of them.

Oh fun!

More and more!

I’m starting to be a roll now.


Here is a gallery of the tops I finished up.

If you see some tops with what you might think of as crazy border fabrics - well, sometimes I do that and it makes the top really appealing. For example, the kind of ugly top I made from scraps with brown sashing. By adding that crazy border fabric - it is super loud and chaotic - someone is bound to like it - just for that fabric!

The summary photo of today’s finished tops:


And there you are!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next installment.

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you in the store!