Charity Quilt Week 3 - Day 2

I’ve more or less given up on using Toggl right now. I am honing in on getting these tops finished and just want to finish up all the ones I’ve started - whether that is 120 or more.

A couple of things I’m trying to finish up are all the large tops that Fran has made up to now - I added borders to them and they are turning out nicely.


I’m getting much closer to completing all of the large tops I had from Fran.

The reason I am adding the borders is to make them a nice queen size. Before the borders they were a more or less double size and the couples we know who need a bigger quilt, need a bigger one - not just a barely big one. Thus the borders.


These stacks are getting so high that they are starting to tip over. Hmmm.

On the left are the larger quilt tops and the two stacks on the right are the smaller ones.

On the left are the larger quilt tops and the two stacks on the right are the smaller ones.

Getting closer to that magical 120 number!

Getting closer to that magical 120 number!

Here is where I am with the totals:


I’ve not been able to do the Toggl thing as much because lately I’ve been helping my friend who has cancer as she goes to the hospital for radiation treatments.

These are daily trips and when I’ve gone with her they take between 3 and 5 hours of my time. I have needed to help her as she can’t walk easily without her walker and she just needs someone to help her be her legs for her. I’ve been getting the walker out of the trunk for her, move the car as needed, even running into the store for her on our way home, etc. Her husband would normally do it but he just had surgery for prostrate cancer himself and was in the hospital and then in recovery and not able to leave the house to do this.

My husband is out of town AGAIN this week in the Ukraine, teaching (the book of Daniel - Old Testament - for those of you who don’t know - he has a PhD in the Old Testament and teaches courses to pastors/seminary students at times in other places), so I have the flexibility to help her as needed.

Once my hubby gets home, I won’t be so flexible and she will probably need to find other help. Hopefully in a few days her husband will be able to go with her. If not her husband, then one of her grown sons can go with her.

Anyway, this is where I am currently - I am almost ready to head to the next step of this project.

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