"Sticks and Stones" - upcycled blues #45 top finished

Edited to add - Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

I’ve decided to name it Sticks and Stones - because of the rail fence blocks (sticks) and the stones - which are the checkerboard centers - reminding some of cobblestones or old fashioned rail fence.

IMG_6785 sm name web.jpg

I managed to finish up this quilt - using simple rail fence blocks cut 1.5”x4.5” long. I’m coming to the end of my blues, as you can tell. But here’s yet one more finished! This series has gotten crazy long!

Not too many days ago I asked my Facebook group advice on the layout they preferred.

IMG_6798 sm name web.jpg

I needed over 650 of these little strips for this quilt top - so I did grow weary in cutting them, but cut and cut I did. It didn’t take as many as the Coinage quilt I did, though!

I was still working on making a decision about the exact style of sashing and cornerstones when I finished cutting all the needed strips.

IMG_6804 sm name web.jpg

Here’s a bit of a close up of the edge. I went ahead and purposely added a cream strip and then the blue border. I decided to stop there as it was big enough at this point (about 100”x100”). I wanted the top to float a bit before adding the blue.

Here you can see, if it was blue, I used it. I didn’t worry about light or dark or making anything even, colorwise.


The pattern is up on these two pages: - free patterns page and on the upcycled blues series page as well. Be sure to check those as you wish!

And that’s it for now!

Have a great day!

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