Checkered! progress report - upcycled blues #42 in progress

Instead of working on crumbs and strings I’ve decided to focus on this top with very small pieces - but I am finding this work very satisfying!

This is where I am now. The layout is pretty intense and it will take quite a while.

Here’s the progress -

IMG_5928sm name web.jpg
IMG_6024 sm name web.jpg

I can’t say I’ve done a tremendous amount on it this past week, but I have tried to work on it each day at least some. Sometimes it has been just working on the pieces - like sewing strips together. Other times I’ve sewn a strip of 4 little blocks together and other times, I get to add a row. I’ve made a couple other quilts a big priority this past week, however, so progress wasn’t as marked as I would have liked.

IMG_5954 sm name web.jpg

Since this quilt is super simple, I thought I’d explain how I’m doing it.

What I do first is cut my pieces into 1.5” strips.

IMG_567 sm name web.jpg

Then I sew the strips together - first a white to a blue. I put them aside.


Then I sew them into strip sets of 4 - trying to approximate lengths of the pieces


Then I press well. I then place several of them on top of each other on my cutting mat.


Then I cut the strips into 1.5” segments to get a bunch of these


Then I sew them into sets of 2 like this:

IMG_5980 s.JPG

Then I make a 16 patch by sewing two of those sets together.


Then I press.


Then I make long rows and add them to the top so far according to the pattern.

Then I trim off the part I don’t need.


Let me assure you that while it is simple, it is not fast. These small pieces take a lot of time. But when I am through cutting everything into 1.5” strips, I am probably going to get rid of the rest. I have already made 3 crumb quilts from my blues and am not sure I am going further with them. I’m still considering. For now I’ll put any possible pieces into a bag and see what happens. However, most of the leftovers are going into the trash for kindling. They make great fire starters!

And that’s what’s been happening from my part of the world - at least in my sewing room!


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