Strings/Crumbs update

This is what I did over the weekend with regards to strings/crumbs.

IMG_3291 smname web.jpg

Made 10 more crumbs blocks (rail fence with gray/black.)

Added them to the top I’ve started. It now measures about and looks like this:

crumbs 10 layout.jpg

This is the plan:

IMG_3284sm name web.jpg

I also sewed pieces to my wide adding machine paper - wanted to do a minimum of 96” - I did.180”. But to be honest, I was running out of energy/interest and went and found some blocks that I didn’t want to use and I sewed them to the tape - as they then become “scraps/crumbs”. they were already in my tub of misc. blocks either I made or given to me - but these ones were ones I didn’t want to make into a top - they needed to either become this or another “A Hot Mess” type of quilt. I want these so I can continue the quilt top I started before I sent my machines to be repaired.

That top looks like this so far - but I ran out of prepared scraps sewn on tape. I will continue to add to the top in strips of two - one on each side as I can.

IMG_1568 sm name.jpg


I’m really not “into” crumbs/strings right now, so I’m just trying to limp along doing some each weekend until something actually inspires me. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep using up what I create that week!

What? You sewed this past week? Well, yes, I did. I actually l finished a couple of tops - but haven’t shown them to you yet. They are coming………

(I figure even if I’m not “in the mood” I can make myself do at least a little - and eventually I will get in the mood and have things ready to go!)

But as usual, it feels like I create more scraps than I use up.

And that’s what I did this weekend with regards to scraps and pieces. At least the tiny ones.

I’m sorting triangles and trying to figure those things out, too!

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