"Swingin' Checkerboards" - 2" series #64 top finished


The 2” series? Yes…actually, yes.

I have these strips in my sewing room and they are in the way. The best way to get rid of them is to use them.

This one is quite similar to another one I made - Circling the Nines -#25 - (I’ll show you later)..but with some differences. Enough so I was willing to call this a different pattern.

IMG_2924 (1) sm name web.jpg

It’s not a hard quilt - it’s a rail fence block, a 16 patch checkerboard block and side setting triangles.

That’s all.

IMG_2932 (1) sm name web.jpg

I needed to try different colors, so I picked out my green and pink strips from my bag of 2” strips and decided to try something with them (purposely avoiding blues!)

I did write up the pattern. It’s here.

I don’t have all 64 of the patterns up from my 2” series but I do have most of them.

Lawn Chair Quilt  (another rail fence variation)

Lawn Chair Quilt (another rail fence variation)

I will never have all 64 because one of the 2” series was taken from Moda’s website and I changed it from 2.5” (theirs) strips to 2” strips (mine)- so I won’t write that one up- ever (Lawn Chair Quilt - #7 ).


Here is a picture of the other one I made which is called Circling the Nines:

IMG_7105 name sm for website.jpg

Anyway…The top/pattern is done. Use it if you can! The link is above.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are reading this!

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