Cultural: Open Windows

This one may not be anything new to you, but it was for me.

When I was growing up, we were taught not to leave doors and windows open if the air conditioning was on OR the heat was on.

Not so here.

I was waiting for a lady who lives in this group home last Sunday and I noticed this open window.


It stays this way- this is not a temporary thing.

It’s winter.

In fact, it’s below freezing.

I don’t think this is just Poland, but it’s definitely not how I grew up!

This is in Gora Kalwaria, Poland.


These buildings are quite old and haven’t had an outside renovation yet.


I was back at this place on Monday (these pictures were taken last Sunday) and this building below had windows tilted opened at the top. I was there about 3 pm.

This building is also old but has had the outside renovated!


We know that some buildings have rooms where you have no control over the heating in that room - so opening the window is the only way to adjust how hot/cool it is. Someone else decides when the radiators will be on and how hot. Some do it for fresh air, I’m sure. We think some do it for temperature control.

Maybe this is normal for you. Maybe it isn’t. I grew up in a home where if we had the heat on, we were supposed to keep our windows closed because we “weren’t supposed to heat the outside!”

So now we know whose fault “global warming” is! :) LOL

And that’s it for today’s cultural tidbit.

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