Preparing for the Quilt Show!

We are excited about participating in a local quilt show - well, not entirely local - it’s about an hour away from here - the Country Road Quilters Quilt Show in Ocala, FL. You can read more about it here.

We are setting up a 10x20 booth and hope to/plan on selling lots of fabric. We’d also like to get our name out there as a possible destination for local quilters to come and see what we have!

Here are some pictures showing what we have been doing to get ready for the show!

Fat quarter packs:


Half yard packs:

These are packs that are already on the website and are ready to go!


Flat fold - misc. sizes of name brand such as Riley Blake and Robert Kaufman pieces:

The flat fold is going to be sold by the piece and is already priced.

The flat fold is going to be sold by the piece and is already priced.

Precut pieces of 3 yard 108” backings




Small pieces:


Maybe there will be a few more things along these lines.

We want to sell a lot - we also want to get the word out that we exist and that we are worth coming to visit - either individually or as a guild.

If you are reading this and are here in Central FL, considering coming to visit! Check out the link I put in above. We’d love to see you there! Come up and introduce yourself!

Oh, and my time is drawing to a close to my being in FL. Soon I will be back in Poland in my own space! I hope to make some serious progress with my quilt tops and push forward with my upcycled blues project.

The break has been great, but I’m ready to be back to my own stuff!

Of course we have things for sale all the time! You can check them out here!

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