Epic Buying Trip, Day 2

On Tuesday we went to the warehouse where we were able to see fabric and more fabric! We were completely overwhelmed with fabric!

I (Becky) have recently been watching a few videos on the ‘net of people who were at a couple different warehouses than the one we are at, so I was somewhat prepared for the massiveness of it.

We got up, ate a breakfast of some of the goodies at our bed and breakfast and then headed over to the warehouse. These are some of what we saw.

With three of us piling fabrics on the carts, we managed to get quite a few bolts put aside!

We spent the day there, not even leaving for lunch. That meant we had more time to shop!

We piled our carts high and kept piling some more!

Here we go!

And that’s how our day went! We are exhausted and all we did all day was shop!

I hope you have enjoyed our short report of what we were up to today!

Here’s some fun fabric for you from our store!

Becky Petersen2 Comments