"Lacy Chains" finished

I have been trying to get back into the groove of quilting - here’s the first of the bigger quilts I’ve managed to finish in spite of jet lag and Thanksgiving!


This is number 28 in my upcycled blues series. I think progress is coming to a screeching halt as I’m sending both of my big Janomes to the repair shop. I still have my main piecing machine, however, so I can make progress on that!

I did talk about the pattern on this quilt back when I talked about how I pieced it. That was here.

IMG_2767 sm name web best.jpg

I’m going to focus on preparing backings for all the quilt tops I have sitting around waiting to be quilted. That will be a big help once I get going again. Matching tops and backings and preparing the backings takes quite a bit of time each day when I’m in the mood to quilt.

IMG_2796 sm nme web best.jpg
IMG_2792 sm name web light best.jpg
IMG_2788 sm name wb lightbet.jpg

Here’s the backing. Once again - pieced. All upcycleds.

IMG_2718 sm name web.jpg

I have updated the pattern and put it back on the free patterns page and also the upcycled blues page of the website. You can get it from either spot.


I took this picture while it was a bit wet still. The colors are darker.

I took this picture while it was a bit wet still. The colors are darker.

Don’t forget to check out what my sis has for you over in the store! She’s been sick the last day or two, but the store continues as usual!

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